Here are some reviews our happy customers
posted on our Facebook page:

Just had pie and mash from young vegans.
I don’t understand how they do it?
No picture available ... evidence destroyed.

Love from a meat eater.
— Kisha W.
Super delicious pie & mash. I never really got pie and now I get it!
— Shiri S.
Tried your breakfast pie today - absolutely delicious.
Please expand and conquer the world!
— Nicki F.
Simply amazing pie and mash! One of London’s must-try dishes! The brownies are also out of this world.
— Josh M. L.
Wonderful! Really tasty, hot and filling. Best of all cruelty-free.
— Lauren R. J.
The mud pie is ace! Perfectly balanced ingredients and perfect texture.
— Rebecca B.
These pies are the best pies ever! Get it down ya!!
— Courtney M.
PIE. IT’S PIE. And it’s VEGAN. Those two things alone already got them 4*. But it was ruddy delicious. I shall be coming again. PIE!!!!
— Jen A.
Best pie I have had. Great value and wonderful friendly service!
— Cat M.
I so wish I lived in Camden so I could eat this every day. Absolutely wonderful.
— Mark M.
Everything pie n mash should be! The Brownie was equally delicious. Excellent service too!
— Louise G.
Dem pies! Seitan and ale. Yes, please. Creamy mash. No nonsense. No cruelty. Ace.
— Marco P.
Best pie I’ve ever had. Not best vegan pie, BEST PIE.
— Katy L.
Really tasty food, really friendly service.
— Craig B.
Wow. What an amazing place !! Gorgeous.
— Paul M.
Best. Pie. And. Mash. Ever.
And it’s vegan! Loving it.
— Maja B.
Awesome pies, delicious & reasonably priced. 10/10 would pie again.
— Joel S.
Very tasty.
— Caro L.
Delicious vegan food, compostable packing, what’s not to like? Awesome work!
— Gulas P.
Absolutely stunning grub!
— Benny B.
Genuinely surprised that your pies are so damn tasty ... .didn’t expect a vegan dish to be so cosy and delish!!
— Amy D.